Why Php Is a Great Programming Language

For a beginner in programming, one of the fundamental questions is: what program to choose to start. Indeed, the offers are not lacking. There are two very popular flagship PHP and Python programs. Why is PHP a better python language for all php programmers?

The PHP language

The PHP language is an open source language developed since 1994. Initially, the Greenlandic and Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf invented the first version of the language for his website. Over time PHP has grown and taken on another dimension. Today, as the website lemonde.fr points out, "PHP has reached maturity". The software is considered stable, that is to say it has few bugs. Indeed a very large number of websites has resorted to this language since. For the most popular, we can mention Facebook, Wikipedia or Yahoo. The goal of the developer was to create dynamic pages.

The strong points of the PHP language

PHP is an ideal language for the web. It also offers a large number of frameworks that evolve very quickly that developers could use to create general and industry-specific applications. In addition The most popular CMS in the world, WordPress is built in PHP. If you're new to programming, choosing a first programming language is a crucial decision. PHP and Python are two of the contenders for your initiation. They offer many learning opportunities in the form of user-friendly syntax validation tools that facilitate the learning process and provide a solid foundation for the language. For people who want to learn computer programming, it is necessary to have a good mathematical foundation and be used to handling numbers.

The programming language is the basis of all IT projects. Robust, fast, secure, and open source, PHP is a standard programming language for the web. Powerful graphical interface, powerful marketing, SEO work, optimized content ... a website is basically a tool created with a computer language. It is not necessary to have a license to use it which makes it more flexible, more accessible and which explains its strong penetration of the market.

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