What is the learning path for a php developer ?

It is obvious that working in a web developer company in php sector, is maybe profitable. But, it is important to remember that some specific knowledge is required for having a chance to apply for this job.

The necessary to remember

Before being an expert of php, it is true that there is no required specificity, however, it needs some training. Nowadays, it is easy to find school for learning php, even on the web, but it cost at least 300 euros per month, or as known, the training needs 10 to 130 hours, and more, according to the project to apply. It is, therefore, a necessity to define the initial project before choosing the adapted formation, in order to find a serious job, in 6 months after being graduated, at least. And according to php developers, they earn annually between 28 000 and 60 000 euros, which is certainly able to compensate all of the training costs. However, for being a good php developer, it is important to have analytical mind, team spirit, be passionate and to know, how to exchange or expose his point of view.

How to develop php skills

As known, php is now the most used language in terms of websites development, and more are those who wanted to master it. For being a good developer, people must master the 4 most used free software known as LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), which are really necessary for building a website or web application. After that, php developers must be at ease with XML and XHTML language and master the code editor for POO (Programming Oriented to Object). But nowadays, it is also important to familiarize with all frameworks present, and stay up to date.

Except the expensive costs of the formation, php development can be done by everyone. But, developing is a task which takes time, therefore, it is recommended to take his time in order to earn more.

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