How to improve your security today with Koddos

Nowadays, millions of people are daily connected each other. As a result, bandwidth traffic also intensifies. As known, there are so many ways to hack a computer or a website. However, the most popular is the hacking with DDOS, that’s we have to talk about the DDOS protection KODDOS.

You may ignore what DDOS is

It may be your neighbor, or someone in your society. So, you also have no more idea of where and how they hacked you. So, first of all, DDOS takes the acronym of Distributed Denial Of Service. Refer to his name, this technic will developed network program for causing website or computer’s bug. We usually meet the same attack in specific website, such as casino bet and e-commerce websites. Users don’t know, using the Tor Browser increase by 100% the risk of DDOS attack. By using the Tor Browser, you can find anything in the deep web as well as in the dark web. And anything includes many things like malware and DDOS. You don’t have to think of all those matters, if you decided to take the services of Koddos Anti DDOS protection about your projet.

The best way of protection from DDOS

The right explanation for DDOS attack is just the fact that the hacker is using a program which sends many requests to your server in a way to saturate him. For that, the hacker uses her experience for hacking some other server in order to perform one simultaneously attacks on your server which can’t defeat them without help. Luckily for us, KODDOS is a website specialized in protection from DDOS attack. He guarantees protection against server or site unavailable, exceptionally high volume of incoming traffic. The same as suspended hosting or server due to DDOS attack and against everyone who tries to extort money from you.

The Internet is maybe the first human’s friend today. Because he is always there when we are in need. But don’t exclude the fact that he could be also dangerous. So, protect yourself.

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