Here is your Anti DDOS solution :

The ddos attacks are one of the more popular on the web. Also called distributed denial of service attacks, they consist in inhibit the the correct functioning of a website. This kind of attack may materializes through massive traffic dispatch on the server, which keeps it from treating all the requests it receives. These attacks often are massively commited by the hackers, who develop some bots to sent automatically the ddos attacks. That is why it is very difficult for the privates to protect themselves from this kind of attack.

Why it is essential to protect from ddos attacks

The ddos attacks usually cause important financial losses. The e-shopping websites are particularly concerned by these losses. Indeed, the service of the website sometimes is interrupted for a long time, that keeps the customers from buying on the website. Moreover, the hackers often use of the opportunity to blackmail the owners of the touched website : they do not hesitate to claim money in return for the service recovery, and even to threat them directly. So it became essential to protect yourself from ddos attacks, especially if you have an e-shopping website which generates many traffic.

How to protect from ddos attacks

As a simple private, you have few means to protect your website from the ddos attacks. Indeed, this calls for a permanent monitoring, to detect the attacks as soon as they are commited, and many businessmen have no time for this. It also requires solid computer science skills to counter these attacks. That is why you do not have to hesitate to call upon some specialists like magento developers. There are many societies which offer Anti DDOS solutions. They monitor your traffic in real time, to detect quickly the ddos attacks. So they are able to counter them, by sending the traffic in a cleaning center to purify it.

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