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How to know which php framework not to use?

The development tools are many and above all they are all equally effective. Only a few tools are more powerful than others like PHP which is part of the list of tools most currently used in the field. PHP is known to be effective thanks to its many framework. Yet, this diversity does not always play in favor of all developers. It will be good to know which framework not to use to be able to understand the tool.

PHP and its Frameworks

One can only be dazzled by the increased number of frameworks available with php. In recent years, moreover, we have seen again interact with this language. To this we first have the Zend framework which is the official framework of php and it is defined as being a modular tool. We can therefore use a very small part of the framework without needing to use all its attractions. There is also Symphony which is taking more and more place in the field at the moment. It uses the ORM doctrine projects as well as the engine template twig. Also, there is CakePHP which is a framework influenced by Ruby on rails to quickly create applications using CRUD and Scaffolding. There is also Codelignter which stands out because it offers the bare minimum, FuelPHP, Yii Framework and Kohana which uses the alternative architecture HMVC which is a derivative of the MVC.

The bare essentials

In view of all these frameworks available on this tool that is php, it is necessary to use the best framework according to the needs. On, we will see how php is already a powerful language which means that it will not necessarily be necessary to add some framework. In addition, some of these frameworks are much more complicated to use than others, which means that the quality of the result will necessarily be felt. In order to make the choice of the best to use, it is advisable to know well all the workings of PHP as well as all its details. From there, the quality via this result will undoubtedly be seen.

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