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Setting up a PHP application

You have created your first application and you already have an idea in mind what you will do in order to carry out your project? However, you do not want malicious sites to compromise your application. So how are you going to protect her? In this kind of circumstance, you are strongly advised to configure your application and you will find here some tutorials that will help you to fix it.

Why do you need to configure it?

The php programming is considered one of the most popular languages ​​for creating successful websites. Most web sites and web applications are essentially based on this language. As a result, most site or application administrators want absolute control of their web creations. This is one of the reasons why a PHP application configuration is more than necessary. You must also configure your application to prevent a memory leak or a server interruption because of a script that you have written incorrectly or accidentally deleted. It should also be noted that the purpose of the configuration is also to protect the data against any type of malicious scripts. Sometimes, there are sites that have been well secured and you do not have access to unless you configure your application. You must also do this if you want to test your scripts or those of another administrator.

How to configure an application?

To set up your application quickly and efficiently, you should install servers like Plesk. After installing it, you can open the PHP settings to start the configuration. There you will find a file called "valid configuration" which is managed by the Plesk server. You can also take another, simpler method by going to the Client Panel where you can adapt the PHP settings and adjust them for each hosting or subscription plan. In this way, your customers will not get lost when they take a look at your web application, because with this adaptation, it will become very consistent and will be easier to use.

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